Our School

Elbow Valley Elementary School

We are a 500-student Kindergarten – Grade 4 school located in Springbank on the western edge of Calgary. We offer both English and French Immersion programs, with French Immersion comprising 34 per cent of our student population. Most of our students come from rural/acreage homes and are bused.

Elbow Valley Elementary is especially proud of our standards of Educational Excellence, our Character Education initiatives, our Fine Arts programs, our welcoming and inclusive staff, our bilingual and multi-cultural milieu and our community service.

We enjoy a strong, mutually supportive and positive relationship with our school council and the parents of our students. We are fortunate to have hundreds of volunteers working within our school throughout the year to help create positive learning experiences for our students. We also enjoy a sound business partnership with Calaway Park. Elbow Valley Elementary is a true, positive example of the teamwork that exists between home, community and school.


The mission of Elbow Valley Elementary, in partnership with the home and community, is to provide an environment that fosters positive self-esteem, respect, responsibility and develops skills needed to be lifelong learners.


Our vision is to have a healthy, balanced school community with every child experiencing success.

School Goals

Elbow Valley will provide high-quality learning opportunities for all students.

  1. Continue differentiated programs such as Early Literacy, Early Support, Learning Strategies Centre, and Program Extensions.
  2. Continue to provide enrichment programs for all students, such as field trips, guest presenters, and special focus events.
  3. Continue to consult and seek input from School Council and Staff.
  4. Continue to support and encourage professional development and dialogue amongst staff.
  5. Ensure quality materials are in place for teaching and learning.

Elbow Valley will develop excellence in learner achievement.

  1. Formalized home reading programs within each class.
  2. Assessment and achievement results will be analyzed and improvement plans implemented.
  3. Teachers will engage in research and other professional development to create differentiated teaching strategies.
  4. Quality materials will be provided for instruction and learning.

Elbow Valley will be a responsive and responsible school.

  1. Continue to seek input on school policies and procedures from School Council and Staff.
  2. Maintain communication with parents through newsletters, handbook, conferences, agendas, direct email, and web site.
  3. Publish School Summary annually.
  4. Publish achievement results annually.
  5. Support and participate in community events.

Elbow Valley will be a safe, caring, and healthy school.

  1. Continue with House Team Character Focusses that aim to build citizenship
  2. Continue with Friendly Helper and Green Club programs.
  3. Support Child Development Advisor initiatives.
  4. Encourage cooperative activities.
  5. Continue with charitable events.Continue with positive school climate initiatives.
  6. Continue to advocate for the modernization of the school.
  7. Promote healthy lifestyles throughout the school.Schedule physical education on a daily basis.
  8. Promote healthy nutrition policy.
  9. Promote the nut-free environment.
  10. Continue to hold Special Activities that encourage active lifestyles, such as: Terry Fox Run, Jump Rope for Heart, Sports Day, Swimming, Skating, SpecTAGular, Inline skating.

Land Acknowledgment

Rocky View Schools would like to acknowledge the land and recognize all the Indigenous Peoples whose footprints have marked these lands from time immemorial. Together, we can learn and honour the Ways of Knowing of Indigenous Peoples for all future generations.